The Best Mortgage Loan Programs For Physicians

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The Lowdown on Doctor Loans...

Are you a doctor looking for a home loan that is tailored to your financial needs? Did you know that there are specific loan programs designed to help Physicians and Dentists to acquire residential home mortgages from participating lenders?

What is a “Doctor Loan”?

A “doctor loan” or physician home loan is a mortgage that makes it easy for medical professionals to buy a home with a low down payment while avoiding mortgage insurance.

Who qualifies for a Physician Loan?

Healthcare professionals including but not limited to Licensed Medical Residents, Fellows, Medical Physicians (MD) and Doctors of Osteophathic Medicine (DO), Podiatrists, Optometrists and Veterinarians qualify.

What are the benefits?

The relaxed requirements for Doctor loans offer a quick and easy path to financing. At a glance, lenders offer jumbo loans with very low (3-5%) to no down payment, no private mortgage insurance (PMI). Employment contracts can be used as evidence of income and loans may be offered 60-90 days before starting new employment. Further medical school loans can often be waived from your debt ratio (if deferred 12 months after closing) given good credit scores (often 680 or above). 

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